Vamos a la playa

Graphic novel, edited by Tren En Movimiento 2018 128 p;24 x 27 cm ISBN 978-987-3789-37-3 Inspired by the tradition of the traveling painters who crossed the Argentine pampas during the 19th century, «Vamos a la playa» is a road movie drawn on the margins of that territory. The laborious journeys on foot, by bicycle and […]

Descending a mountain to climb it again

4 large format drawings. Charcoal, graphite and color pencil on Fabrianno 120 gms paper and tracing paper. Variable dimensions 2021 This work articulates a reflection on the human link to the mountain, a relationship often idealized and sometimes distant. Twenty-two drawings constellate a larger drawing showing the figure of a passage between two distant places, separated from […]

El baile y el suelo

Centro Cultural Borges, Noviembre de 2019. En el marco del proyecto “La línea piensa” curado por Eduardo Stupía